A banquet to equip African Pastors with local language Bibles.

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Thursday August 30, 2018 at 6PM

Join us at The Manor House at the Grove on for our Spread the Word Bible Banquet benefitting African Leadership. This program provides local-language Bibles to rural African pastors.


Providing Bibles in Africa

"What I saw in Africa that caused me to want to raise money to get Bibles into Africa was this: where I saw the Gospel being preached, children's lives were affected. Where there were churches, the presence of God was there, and children had a better chance of making it. Also, whenever we would go somewhere and we'd ask people what they needed, their answer was almost always "a Bible in our language." As we were going to places and seeing pastors in training some didn't even have a Bible…or they just had part of a Bible. How can they preach God's Word if they don't have one to study? To become an apostle, a disciple of God, you have to know His Word.”
- John Murphy

(John Murphy in Malawi)

All proceeds benefit African Leadership

African Leadership


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